St. Mary's School
New Castle, Pennsylvania

Class of 1969 Reunion

2019 would have been the 50th Anniversary of our class graduation, but we are a little late in getting started. Therefore, the reunion will have to be a 50 + 1 Anniversary with a target date sometime in the fall of 2020. It will be open to everyone who graduated with the class in 1969 and all those who were part of the class any time during our nine years together. Planning for the reunion will involve four phases:

Phase 1 - Identifying, locating, and contacting classmates to assess their interest in having a reunion. Their responses will determine if we proceed further.

Phase 2 - Selecting a date and venue for the reunion along with determining the cost.

Phase 3 - Notifying all interested classmates of the time, place, and cost of the reunion.

Phase 4 - Preparing and staging the reunion.

We are now in Phase 1, which means we need your participation in helping us identify and locate the hard-to-find classmates. It also requires that you provide us with your contact information--most specifically an email address because all correspondence beyond the initial letter will be handled via email. Below is a table containing the information we have already compiled regarding your fellow classmates along with their responses to our initial outreach (if we were able to find and contact them). The information will be continually updated as we receive it. Please provide us with any information you have that can aid us in contacting our former classmates.

Send your email address and all correspondence to:

There is also a  1969 Class Facebook Group Page at



Classmates - First through Ninth Grade


First Name Last Name Married Name Email Address Residence Letter Sent Response Received Plans to attend?
James Armond     VA? Yes?    
Joseph Badger     PA


Daniel Benedict PA Yes Yes Yes
James Bobosky     PA Yes    
Jeffrey Boron     ?      
Mary Therese Bowen Rustowicz   NY Yes    
Eileen Brice Warner   VT Yes    
Margo Brice     IA Yes    
Robert Buckley PA Yes Yes Yes
Jean Buckley Gallagher   PA Yes    
James Budai     PA Yes    
Terry Caldwell*     -      
Roy Campbell     PA Yes    
James Caprose*     -      
Thomas Carney     ?      
Phillip Clark     PA Yes    
Catherine Clark McClain OH Yes Yes Yes
Caren Cochran     ?      
Michael Cozza IL Yes Yes Yes
Steve Craig PA Yes Yes Yes
Mary Cunningham     ?      
Terry DeSalvo     PA Yes    
Kathy Dominicus VA Yes    
Lou Ann Donofrio     PA Yes    
Lu Ann Fee Kelly   PA Yes    
Louis Ferrara*     -      
Robert Figuly     PA Yes    
Chester Flamino     PA Yes?    
Melanie Glenn     ?      
Daniel Grimm     PA? Yes?    
Mary Catherine Haney            
Richard Heaney     PA? Yes?    
Karen Izzo     ?      
Michael Izzo     ?      
Marian Jacob     OH Yes    
Lou Ann Jenkins     PA Yes    
Lynn Joseph     ?      
Michael Katyanski     PA? Yes?    
Joseph Lahr     PA? Yes?    
John Liskooka     PA? Yes?    
Richard Lyons     ?      
George Manos*     -      
John Manos     PA? Yes?    
Neil Mastropietro     FL Yes    
Shawn McGonigle*     -      
Linda Mee     ?      
Daniel Micaletti*     -      
Robert Mitchell     VA? Yes?    
Patricia Napadano Terrgino   NY Yes    
Alexander Niglio     ?      
John Norris PA Yes Yes Yes
Julia O'Connor     CA Yes    
Sheila O'Loughlin* Benedict   -      
Rebecca Ondecker     ?      
Carleen Oswald Rainey   PA Yes    
Michael Palmer     ?      
Stephen Peck     ?      
Gregory Pfahles TX Yes    
Charles Phillipson     PA? Yes?    
Marica(?) Pisciuneri     ?      
? Puzzo     ?      
James Raynak AZ Yes Yes Yes
Joseph Reagle     PA Yes    
Michele Reagle Russell   MA Yes    
David Stanczak     IL? Yes?    
Maureen Sullivan     PA? Yes?    
Terrence Sullivan NC Yes Yes Yes
Mary Eileene Taylor Lechleitner   OH Yes    
Christopher Travers OH Yes Yes Yes
Dominic Verdi     PA Yes    
Katie Verzwyveit     ?      
Jane Von Jess     ?      
Paul Wadlinger     PA? Yes?    
Joseph Waltenbaugh PA Yes Yes Yes
Frank Warren     OH? Yes?    
George Warren*     -      
David Williams PA Yes Yes Yes
Cynthia Zarella Buiser   PA Yes    
Nicholas Zarella     PA Yes?    


* Deceased

? - No contact information known for the classmate.

XX? (e.g. PA?, NY?, etc.) - Best guess of the classmate's residence based on past information.

Yes? - Outreach letter sent to an unconfirmed address   Contact us at  (724) 730-2092